We are an association of HR professionals in IT & ITES industry. HR Infotech was formed in the year 1995. It was formally established / registered as a Trust in the year 2002-03. It is a premier institution engaged in promoting HR practices in Indian IT & ITES sector. For a decade, HR Infotech has been consistently updating the knowledge and learning among HR professionals in the IT & ITES industry. It has proved to be a successful endeavor with over 100+ meetings over a period of 13 years. These meetings have the credit of uniting over 75,000+ HR professionals on a single platform to share and learn the practical approach of various critical and relevant HR issues of IT & ITES industry.

HR Infotech is a not-for-profit organization supported by various categories of members and sponsors. The HR Infotech Association meets are widely publicized and draw huge attention from HR practitioners from IT & ITES Industry. HR Infotech Association boasts to be one of the few associations of HR professionals with specific focus on the IT & ITES industry in India.

  • To enhance professional development, by sharing information and experiences related to HR in the IT & ITES Industry.
  • To foster fellowship amongst HR practitioners in the IT & ITES Industry.
  • To co-operate with educational and research institutions in developing schemes of instruction in HR principles and practice, stimulating student participation in HR & management education and in the activities of the Association.
  • To institute and establish scholarships, grants, rewards and prizes to encourage the study of the art and science of HR.
  • To compile and maintain a database of qualified consultants in the HR field, and to provide expert advice and service on request to firms on specialized HR problems.
  • To maintain constructive liaison with all organizations interested in HR such as Trade Associations, Chamber of Commerce and other HR & Management Associations in India and abroad.
  • To undertake other activities that may be necessary for the attainment of these objectives.